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DJ Will Yum

Music - Lighting - Photo Booth - MC

Call/Text: 707-469-3189

Email: [email protected]

First Time Photo Booth Renters

If this is your first time shopping around for a photo booth, it is important to know the type of photo booth service you are inquiring about. For the sake of simplicity, a basic photo booth rental consists of a photo booth machine (see photo below), an enclosed/open enclosure, props, high quality studio photos, custom layout, and an attendant to assist you and your guests.

After talking to hundreds of clients and attending many events with photo booth service, I am amazed how misleading some photo booth operators advertise their service.

     In some cases, photo booth operators advertise “a real photo booth experience” but in actuality, the photo booth machine is basically a camera on a tri-pod that a person snaps the photos (see photo above).

     In other cases, the printer that the photos are printed from is an office laser jet printer and not a studio quality dye-sub printer.

     With that in mind, the photo booth operator is probably providing you a low cost photo booth rental with low service quality and a not-so-real photo booth experience.

As a photo booth rental consumer, it’s very important to educate yourself and ask the right questions when inquiring about photo booth rental. Just like any industry, the same statement holds true when renting a photo booth… “You get what you pay for”!

To help you be an informed consumer, I have put together a list of questions you can ask while shopping around for a photo booth rental.

1. What does the photo booth machine consist of?

2. Can you email me a photo of the photo booth machine you plan to bring to my event?

3. Is the photo machine self-service or does it require an attendant to take the photos?

4. Is the photos printed on a sub-dye printer?

5. Do you provide custom photo strip layouts?

6. What type of photo booth enclosures do you provide (ie: open, tent enclosure, or LED air booth) and what size is it?

7. Are there additional fees outside of the quoted price (ie: travel fee, idle time, or etc)?

I hope this helps with your photo booth experience. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out by emailing me at [email protected]

Thanks, Will

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